Welcome to the CyberLions

CyberLions is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that aim to seize the Polygon blockchain. With an unique design, owner exclusive proof on the Polygon blockchain, fair distribution and permanent decentralized storage.


Each CyberLion is unique and special! CyberLions are generated from over 50 attributes based on rarity, there is never the same CyberLion. From hats, glasses, clothes, mouthpieces to even cool clothes! The rarer the attributes, the rarer your CyberLion will be!


CyberLions will be distributed to sale participants.

Community ranking ladder will be relased for CyberLions holders.

Exclusive CyberLions merch with limited stock.

Comptetion between CyberLions holders on social media.

CyberLions will be advertised worldwide, social media advertsing, billboard commercials & more.


Marketing Genius


Coding Expert


Talented Artist